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Enable DataCollection on networkdevice group monitors

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Hi All,

A new day, a new challenge.
I'm monitoring WatchGuard Firewalls now! It's great. I added a detection template, search and group so now I have all my WatchGuard Firewalls together in a group.

So I build monitors on this group. SNMP monitors to check free mem, cpu and much more. So when my firewall has any performance problems, I can see it. Yeey! 

But there's one problem.... I cant enable data collection on group monitors for network devices 😞 So now nice graph, no historical data.... The data Collector fields are greyed out.image.thumb.png.71bba1bd85e769f03f3c0601a84ed6e4.png

I asked Support but they answered it's by design. But hey... I can override an individual monitor and enable Data Collection. So it sould be possible... He also answered it might be possible by modifying the agents in the database. He was not supposed to tell how so now I rely on you guys...

1. Who knows a way to enable data collection on these monitors like in the screenshot?
2. If via database... how do I make sure data collection will be enabled on any future added monitors when a WatchGuard Firewall is added?

Hope someone will be able to tell me.

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