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looking for assistance to get current

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Hey all,

Ive inherited a labtech environment that looks to have not been upgraded since installation.  Current version info pulled from Control Center->About:

Control Center 11.0.441

Automation Server 11.0.441

Web Server 11.0.441

Remote Agent 11..441

Screenconnect/control pulled from admin page:  6.0.11622.6115

We use ESET and WSUS, if that is of any help.  ESET environment is currently functional after an overhaul, and I am in the process of rebuilding the WSUS environment.  

Any advice on an upgrade path/specific bits would be appreciated.  Can I just upgrade the server instance to 2020.x and call it good?  Do I need to follow some intermediary steps?  Connectwise support hasnt been all that helpful. 

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I'd go 11-> 12 and then 12 ->2020 but it should be simple enough.


If you have a vm rather than a physical server, you can test the update on a copy, or do a snapshot and then upgrade so you can always roll back.

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i know there are some major interface changes, anything about functionality that changes in a big way?  anything weird about the wsus patch management that i should be aware of along the way?  i dont mind reading patch notes but this big of a jump has me wondering if im going to miss something.  

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CW has documentation to upgrade MySQL.  Ensure you have a backup; I had trouble I think due to MySQL installer, and had to restore.  IIRC 5.7 wasn't supported in 11, not sure when it was added.

I've been told using the MySQL command line is way faster importing than using SQLyog, which took an hour or so to export our database and about 4-5x that to import.

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@hambandit 5.6 support ends early next year, but the latest application patches will work with 5.6. As @SteveYates mentioned the documented CW logical rebuild process takes hours. I offer this as a professional service, and I can do an in-place upgrade in ~30 minutes for an average system -- but you don't need to upgrade MySQL for what you want to do. 

I'd review the patch upgrade thread plus a few of the release videos on the CW release notes page to hit the high points. As long as you're on the new patch manager/report center and aren't using any of the legacy items that are being deprecated you should be good.

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