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Beta Testers Wanted! Reverse-Proxy as-a-service for Automate

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Hi Everyone,

In light of recent events, I'm rushing a product to beta. I've created a hosted appliance for Automate-stack network security that does the following:

  • Reverse proxies web traffic (Automate and Control)
  • Uses an IPS to scan incoming traffic and drop malicious content (including certain forms of SQL injection)
  • Implements IP blocking based on GeoIP, Tor node status, and other reputation technologies
  • Obfuscates your server with a jibberish FQDN

Let's talk technical brass tacks. This solution works for all TCP and UDP traffic (UDP is VPNed back to the servers). This is a dedicated virtual appliance hosted in one of 10 data centers in 8 locations (including the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK). 

This appliance would sit in "outer space" and once configured your server address for your agents would be modified to pass through it. Once traffic is working normally the firewall in front of your Automate stack would be configured to only accept traffic from the proxy.

The service would include all maintenance of the actual appliance, certificates, proxy, and IDS rules. Since this is a dedicated appliance per customer we can facilitate custom requests (more restrictive filtering, etc.). Since a secure Automate server is a necessity we plan to price this very competitively (current estimate would be ~50% of what an Azure-based solution would be).

We're looking for a small number of partners with a traditional setup to participate in a beta group for this product. Please contact us if you are interested and we will be in touch.

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