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Show Automate Tray Always

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Here is a requested script that I use to put the automate tray always down by the clock in windows. It has to run once per logged in user and must be run when a user is logged in. I have it run on a group of all workstations every 4 hours and if run it sets a state for the current userid so that it only runs once per user. I did not make the powershell script but I did do some modifications to it that I found online to make sure we weren't in the first-run wizard when it gets run. 

NOTE: this will restart explorer after run but remember this only happens once per user per machine and only flashes explorer for about 5 seconds. I could not find any better way around this so if you do please share.


This script also uses a modified version of Darren's LTGetFile script that can be found here. 




Show Automate Tray Always.xml show_notification_icon.ps1

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