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Matthew D

Reporting Backup Outcomes to the Executive Summary - How?

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We're working our way through making Automate achieve reporting parity with another platform we're exiting - it's providing way too hard, but I'm learning to respect the capabilities I'm stumbling into. 

We've made up a modified Executive Summary report that summarises general status - storage, AV, backup. 

In parallel we've been working up scripts to run multiple times each day to gather backup status (started, succeeded, failed etc). In those scripts I've included what I *thought* were the hooks to report backup outcomes via command such as: 


  • SET: [STAT BackupRunStat]  =  [STAT BackupRunStat]+1  for computer @ComputerID@
  • Record Stat #1 AS 100 For @ComputerID@


  • SET: [STAT BackupFailStat]  =  [STAT BackupFailStat]+1  for computer @ComputerID@
  • Record Stat #1 AS 1 For @ComputerID@

I thought I had this nailed, and I'd start seeing data showing up in the Backup Health report and also our Weekly Summary. Both show nothing - "No backups found".

I understand that this may be hooked to some legacy Backup Manager concept (which I can't get a grip on, but seems to only support a tiny set of backup products). In the end, it doesn't matter - the structure still seems to be there, how do I record backup events in a compatible into this structure so that I can report on backups.

I can't find anything published on this, can't find anything but cursory references to the commands I've used above. However, it must be possible to get this data into the reports - I can't believe clients would accept not seeing it. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction please? If backup vendors have developed plugins that comply, where did they get their information/docs/references from on how to make it work with the reporting?




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