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Password Field in Automate

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Hi All,

Is there anyways to use the username/password field in Automate for scripts, I have seen in the past you can do a SQL Queue, but checking this we have the password encrypted, is there away around this? 

I know we could create a EDF field to complete this, but as the username and password is already there we would like to try and use it the field above. 


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This SQL Query:

SELECT CONVERT(AES_DECRYPT(PASSWORD,SHA(' @KeyValue@')) USING utf8) FROM Passwords WHERE clientid = %clientid% AND Title = 'Updated Local Admin'

Will retrieve a stored, encrypted password for you.  I use it in an automated script for getting a uniform local admin account on a client, but each client has a different password.  in the script, it looks like this:
Hope this was helpful.

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Sorry for the Late reply, I have tried this but we are still getting null passwords, but thank you

This is the location we are trying to pull the password from: 


Thank you

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