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HDD Test Script - Crystal Disk info (Download)

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I created a script to test the hard drives on a machine and alert based on the log it generates. Below I have outlined how you can install it:

  1. Download Crystal Disk Info 8.2.0 (It may work with a newer one, just have not tested it)
  2. Place the zip file in L:\Transfer\Software\Disk Check (I believe everyone should have a L drive for the LabTech share)
  3. Extract the zip file attached and Import the XML file attached. 
  4. Copy the diskinfo.ini file into L:\Transfer\Software\Disk Check
  5. Open the script and starting at line 91, you will need to modify the ticket creation settings to your liking. The category number will need to get changed to the category you would like to use


Notes about the script:

  • The default threshold on the alerting is 50 (Reallocated sectors, events, or errors)
    • If you would like to change the Threshold, it can be changed from the top variable named @Threshold@
  • If you get the script failing with it unable to find the threshold.txt file, then CrystalDiskInfo is unable to detect any hard drive and you may need to update the exe used and try to see if the newer update is able to detect the hard drive.
  • Lines 64 through 79 parses through the log to get information if you would like to put it into the ticket. You will need to add some lines to get rid of the extra spaces that are in the variables if you go that route though.
  • The script is supposed to attach the log to the ticket but for some reason it does not attach it in ConnectWise. If you figure out how to get it working, let me know :)
  • You can manually modify the ini file on specific machines to change the threshold on individual machines and it will keep the threshold in-tact every time the script runs.

Crystal Disk Info HDD Test - With Ticket Creation.zip

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