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FIX: maintenancemode view - stop it generating warnings and outputting incorrect data

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The maintenancemode table has been replaced with a view which emulates the data the maintenancemode table used to contain by building it from the new maintenancemodequeue table.  However CW screwed up the SQL because instead of using a stock MySQL function they tried to calculate some time / datetime values themselves.  With long-lasting maintenance modes this can overflow the maximum value for a time datatype which causes the SQL to throw warnings and produce incorrect output. 

Here's a fix - submitted to CW as Ticket#13557433 on 2020-070-02

You'll likely need to replace this after every upgrade / patch until CW get around to fixing the code in their releases.  I wouldn't hold your breath - last time it took two years for them to replace their broken SQL with the fix I gave them. 

Note - I have not confirmed that the output of this table matches what would have existed in the old maintenancemode table under all conditions.  Instead I have focused on just fixing the calculations CW used.

To use either directly run / import the direct-import file below, or open the view in your SQL editor and paste the view-content file into the view and click save.


maintenancemode-fixed-2020-07-02-direct-import.sql maintenancemode-fixed-2020-07-02-view-content.sql

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