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Contribution: Pull Credentials from IT Glue scripts

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Hey all, 

Attached are two scripts.

"EXAMPLE - IT Glue Credentials" - This could easily be a scriptlet as well, but you could pretend this would be any other script where you would want to have credentials from IT Glue to do something with them. This script then calls...

"FUNCTION - Retrieve IT Glue Credentials" - This is the script that does the work to go off and pull the credentials from IT Glue


You're syncing Automate and IT Glue, or at least have the names of your clients in IT Glue exactly match those in Automate.

You have an Enterprise IT Glue plan

Things you need to do before using

Step 4 in "EXAMPLE - IT Glue Credentials" - This variable needs to be set to the exact name of the password you want to pull from IT Glue. Limitation here is that you need consistency in your password naming - we use a PowerShell script to pre-populate various password records for ones we'd want to pull into Automate

Step 4 in "FUNCTION - Retreive ITGlue Credentials" - This query needs to be updated with a 'centralised' Server that you want to run the PowerShell from that goes off to do the IT Glue query. This was so I knew PowerShell versions wouldn't get in the way of the script and that my IT Glue API key wasn't being exposed to hundreds of servers. 

Step 6 in "FUNCTION - Retreive ITGlue Credentials" - This PowerShell script needs to be updated with your IT Glue URI and your API Key. This API Key obviously needs the Password Access box ticked... 


What you should then have at the end of it are two variables, @username@ and @password@ - You can then use these in your Automate script. 

There is some basic error checking built in - one for if it simply can't find the credentials, and one for if the PowerShell command fails for some reason. These are then tied to Script GoTo's in the EXAMPLE script that you can then log off of if you wish. 

FUNCTION - Retreive ITGlue Credentials.xml EXAMPLE - IT Glue Credentials.xml

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