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Hi guys,

First time poster and hit a bit of a snag, Automate support haven't been very helpful so I'm hoping you will come though.

Our clients require their workstations to be patched every 2nd tuesday or 3rd wednesday of the month. Set days like the 1st/18th don't work for them as this could potentially land on a weekend. We have sent manual emails before now to alert them but we would like to automate this. From what I can see I can schedule scripts to send automated emails on a set date but nothing that will allow for the 2nd tuesday etc.

I'm just wondering if anybody has been in a similar position and how they've tackled it? Do you use a third party email application to send recurring emails? Or am I missing something here?



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The good news is those options exist, however it doesn't quite work out that way all the time.  It's been a while since I looked at it but I want to say "week 1" is the first week that starts in a month, so it could be the week starting on the 7th for example.  So "Tuesday of the 2nd week" is not necessarily the same as "second Tuesday."

We have clients pick a day and we set PCs to patch every week, say every Tuesday.  Then we approve new patches by Thursday or Friday to have them get to Production by Monday night.  That also helps with PCs that were off on that particular day.

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Speak to the client about options you can provide? Otherwise you may need to see if you can define what you want to do in sql, and execute sql in a script that runs daily and calculated if it's the patching day or not. Might be able to store what you want in an edf some how and call it or wrap it in to the calculation. 

Not the best option, but what about defining every date in advance in an edf that suits your criteria and then calling on that in a script to check if is go time or not. 

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