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Automate Script to force Windows Update

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I have chatted with Automate support and they have repeatedly given me the Scripts/Maintenance/Patching/Install All Approved Patches response when I ask for help running a script to force Windows Updates to run.  But it doesn't appear to do anything.  Does anyone have an Automate script that I can push to client systems that will actually force a Windows update and then reboot the system.  I am not a scripter....but I have been piecing some together for app installs and removals.  I just want to make sure I get this one right. 


Thank you.

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There's a script function Patch Install All to install approved updates.

Are the updates approved in Patch Manager (showing Approve on the PC's Patching tab/view)?

If you're not using Patch Manager then look at USOClient.exe for Windows 10 or wuauclt on older versions.  Not sure how to know it's done to reboot though.

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There are also some powershell modules out there, in the gallery, that will download and install patches, and reboot if needed. You could just write a script to call them. Then it has nothing to do with automate. 

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