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Matthew Beardsley

Stopping a Reboot from Patching

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Hey there. My name is Matthew and I am new to this forum.

I've been using LabTech now for about two years and been trying to learn how to make it work for us even more.

However, I ran into a issue I am not sure the answer to.


One of our clients has a machine that has received it's patches\updates from LabTech this week and is pending reboot.

The way we have it configured is it notifies the user at install and then asks to reboot every 3 hours for 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours it will force the reboot.


This user has a calculation and model that is running and cannot be rebooted, but the patching happened already. Do I have any options to stop this forced reboot from LabTech?





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Other than stopping the Labtech Service (maybe task scheduler to restart it later), I do not believe so.

Perhaps there is a scheduled script that you can cancel, or something local to the agent that has the deadline, but I doubt it.

Also, I recommend joining the Slack. This community appears to be more active there than the forums.

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