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Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server with scripts

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I'm starting to write scripts which does trivial things like get SQL Server error logs and job logs using the SMO .NET class.

My hurdle is that as a remote monitor runs in the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM context, in modern versions of SQL Server, the system does not have access to any of the SQL instances. 

I could give NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM sysadmin role again, but it was removed by Microsoft as a default for a good security reason. How does or would anyone else tackle this? I'm now thinking of either:

  • (somehow) changing the security context of the service the agent runs as, although maybe this might break stuff? e.g. trying to access protected stuff which require UAC or something - turning UAC off isn't ideal
  • Use Scheduled Scripts and use the run as admin function(s) in the scripting engine so I can use admin credentials in the agent's Location, but this might also cause issues if UAC enabled

I haven't actually tested either of the above approaches. Figured I'd spark a conversation while I start testing.

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