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George Stokes

How to run batch script as end user

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Hi all,

Hoping you can help a budding Automate scripter. 

I'm currently trying to run a script to remove slack for all users.

I installed locally and found I can uninstall Slack using: "%LocalAppData%\slack\Update.exe" --uninstall -s

However when I try and run a console Shell script in Automate against my test PC I get the error "Console Execute failed".

My end goal is to be able to run this script against a whole company to remove Slack installations a they've migrated to Microsoft Teams.

Apologies for probably a basic question. As you can probably tell I'm quite new to scripting!

Best Regards,

George Stokes

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Hi Wesley, 

Thanks so much for the above very informative! 

I've setup the script as you recommended so Step 1 matches the screenshot above and step 2 inputting the command: "%LocalAppData%\slack\Update.exe" --uninstall -s which I've tested from running on my test pc as a local user with no admin rights and it uninstalls slack as intended.

However when I input this into the script and run it against the same test PC after re-installing it returns the error: The reason: Console Shell Command Failed

So it would seem I'm now successfully opening a console session on the PC but the command itself is failing?

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