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Hello,  This is my first post. I am new to Automate.  I was tasked to get an install package of Cisco AMP installed asap. I was given an exe file.  I was hoping to find some examples of how to push this install file with automate. 

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I created a new script, 

and in the then I only have two steps.

1) Download the file from the LTShare folder  to an existing folder on the target

2) Shell: install from the downloaded file


The scripts says successful in the then section but the software is not installed.

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If your script is literally just those two lines with no validation of the result afterwards, the script will always returns as successful unless it is unable to run the Shell command. You can run a shell command with invalid parameters and have it "succeed", because the Shell command executed with the parameters provided, regardless of your intended result. There should always be validating of the command; Shell returns %shellresult% with any output from the executed program. For most software installers, you're likely to receive "OK", so you should be calling a Resend Software command after running the shell command and checking for the software to be installed, or doing a IF File/Folder Exists check to make sure the expected files are present. If it is not, the script should be providing some kind of feedback (email, ticket, etc) and then optionally exiting via the Script Exit with Error method.

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