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Script to Upgrade Previous versions of Outlook to Outlook 2016

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Apparently, someone in upper management believes that magic does exist and our department wields it..... 

We have been asked to write a script that upgrades all previous versions of Outlook to Outlook 2016.  In my mind.....there are so many things wrong with this request I am not even sure where to start.

BUT......am I wrong.....can this be done?  Is there a way to upgrade older versions of Outlook to Outlook 2016 without doing a full 2016 download?  I was even told if you log in with an E1 license you should be able to install Outlook.  Wrong.  Just Skype.  I have been told this can be done....but none of the things I have been told seems to be true so far.


Any thoughts to prove or disprove this magical type of request?

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If you have outlook 2016 licenses and an outlook installation kit, then of course you can do this. However as far as I know, such a thing does not exist. I've only ever seen Outlook come with a basic Office license, so you get Office 2016, outlook word, excel, etc all in one license.

So your problem is really just how to push out office 2016. This is standard stuff but depends on your license. If you have M365 then you can just pull down the installation kit, use the admin tool to generate an options file and run setup with that options file as a param. I have a script which does this, but its specific to a client and requires an office build be available in a file share.

You *can* choose to only install Outlook 2016 in the options file... but why? I have had cases in the distant past where we did *not* want to install the latest Access and so in the options we excluded Access and other stuff. 

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