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SQL to clean up patching tables

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Got this little snippet at one time from CWSupport, maybe want to run this periodically to clean things up :)

/*Patching Cleanups*/

/*Eliminate extra policy approvals from system if the policy is gone*/
DELETE FROM `patchapprovalsettings` WHERE ApprovalPolicyID NOT IN (SELECT ApprovalPolicyID FROM `patchgroupapprovalpolicies`);

/*Clean out Hotfix Table if the computer no longer exist*/
DELETE FROM `hotfix` WHERE computerid NOT IN (SELECT computerid FROM computers);

/*S&H patch numbers that do not match the agents
  Issue:  If a missing patch is superseeded before S&H can see it has been installed, then it becomes an orphened missing patch.
  To fix, removed the orphaned patches from the plugin_sap table */
/*[MetaMSP] I have commented this block out because the schema for this plugin's tables have changed since this snippet was obtained.
  Thanks @QComer for pointing out the error!
DELETE FROM `plugin_sap_snapshotpatchstats` WHERE HotfixID NOT IN(SELECT hotfixid FROM hotfix WHERE ComputerID = hotfix.ComputerID);
DELETE FROM `plugin_sap_snapshotpatchstats` WHERE InstalledPatch = 0 AND HotfixID NOT IN(SELECT hotfixid FROM hotfix WHERE ComputerID = hotfix.ComputerID AND Installed = '1'); */

/*Clean out the old patches that do not exist anymore.  But leave those with Ignore/Deny set just in case*/
DELETE FROM `patchapprovalsettings` WHERE approval NOT IN(1,4) AND HotfixID NOT IN (SELECT hotfixid FROM `hotfix`);
DELETE FROM `hotfixdata` WHERE hotfixid NOT IN (SELECT HotFixID FROM `patchapprovalsettings`);


Edited by MetaMSP
commenting out obsolete query block
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