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Add New Line to Calculated Field

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I have been working on a new report that we will be sending out to our clients. I would like to include three lines as part of the report title. Instead of creating a new sub report to replace the default SubReportHeader report, I figured I could edit the ReportName calculated field and add line breaks to the text. It seems that the report editor either does not understand a line break, does not like (or support) it or I am not adding it correctly.

So here is my question. Has anyone been able to do this? Can you add a line break to a calculated field? I have tried:

\n - outputs \n

Char(10) - no dice

Physically hitting enter between two ' ' such as '

' - no dice

No sure what else to try.





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As always - I think I figured it out with a little more tinkering. I made on change to the default SubReportHeader to change the Parameters.ReportName label to multi line. It was originally set to false. I then used Char(10) in the calculated field and it added the line breaks.

Wanted to post in the event anyone else was having similar issues.

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