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custom message yes /no followup action

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Hello All-


I was wondering if anyone has found a way to use some of the reboot prompts to configure their own actions with a delay windows and or a function to occur other than just ok to continue or delay.


Many times we find ourselves installing software on devices and at times, that software is rarely used and or no longer relevant to the user.  As we move with updating versions, it would be great if we had the ability to ask the user and have the option to Update or Uninstall the application altogether via a simple script that would trigger a pop up message and execute the selected action.

I can execute the pop up message, with the default time out but how can I create yes /no and or in this case Uninstall /Update buttons that would call on the respective command/script?  


If that is a bit too complex, how about a delay timer similar to the reboot window message?  We have set our patching window to allow users to delay the reboot action and when the limit has been reached the device will reboot automatically.  Can this same timer delay/ re-activate function be used when offering some local application installs?


Thanks all for any feedback /help

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I was able to locate the reboot prompt / reminder and grab some of the lines from the script that triggers the delay and pop up message re-attempt timer.  It looks like this is running off a monitor that reviews the machine reboot and then set the time compared to now and evaluates that current state.  

The script then asks the question (reboot) and if the user clicks on No it will requeu the pop up at a later time until the timer is reached.

Since this is a specific monitor, it doesnt seem like it can be re-used for the purpose or delaying the installation of optional updates.  

Wondering if the best approach would be to create a new monitor and then have it run and track "Pending Custom Update" so it be used to set the time settings similar to the reboot action?

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