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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I wonder if you have some suggestions on what we can automate? 

We have turned alot of the ignite workstations monitors off due to alot of noise. I want to get this working and closing tickets automatically and adding time to the contract. 

I wonder if anyone could help with this at all? 

Thanks in advance.

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We automatically add time for patching, installation of our own scripts, autofixes like restarting services or clean up disks and do defrag.

Some examples.

We automatically add:

* 3min per patching

* 30min when we run our own script for purge old office and install O365

* 10min when we install customers VPN client

* 10min when we upgrade VPN client

For VPN client and other software we have added the ability for customers to kick off installations of approved software from the Tray icon. Even if they start the installation script on there own we still add the time.

For VPN client and other software we have created groups and added a search to this group that search for clients with an outdated version of the software. For example if the vendor release a new version of the VPN client we just update the script so it installs the new version and also update the search.  If the search identifies 50 agents with an old VPN client it will update this for us and this will generate 10min x 50.

We will soon start to patch 3rd party applications and add time for this as well.


Hope this helps for inspiration.

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