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Bitdefender GravityZone Plugin Problem

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This past weekend I updated our Connectwise Automate server to 2020.10, and just afterwards I updated the Bitdefender GravityZone plugin (version I'm not sure which change caused the problem I now have, but if I try to launch the Bitdefender GravityZone from the Tools section, I now get the error below.


When I click OK, the screen opens, but it has NO info in it. The integration itself seems to still be working, but I cannot change anything. 

Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas on how to fix this? I can see the DB tables are there, and data is in them, but I don't know how to fix this one. 

Thank you. 

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If you open a ticket with Bitdefender they are pretty good.  That said we ran into this same message in August with this version and their solution was:

"restart the database by following the next steps:  go to Advanced→Reload Plugins, from the Plugin Manager window, and select Update Remote Agent Plugins. After the Database Agent has successfully reloaded, reopen the ConnectWise Automate Control Center and check if the issue re-occurs"

Note the database agent restart will abort running scripts as I recall.

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