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A couple years ago I worked with a CW consultant who mentioned a "core-only" migration of Automate -- that is moving over only the tables needed to make the application run. I couldn't find the list of tables posted anywhere, so I wanted to post them here.

Please note that there's an awful lot of items missing here (think of this like a "reset my server, keep my agents and users" measure). I'd advise anyone thinking about this that groups, scripts, monitors, searches, EDFs, and Connectwise Control are all missing. So too are all the tables for Patch Manager -- so with that, most partners would experience a long rebuild process if they attempted this.

With that, the tables are as follows: 



With that, this has a couple valid uses, such as removing Ignite or troubleshooting some migration-gunk if your stack has been migrated for years. 

I have not yet compiled a list of suggested additions, but if anyone posts suggested tables below I'd be happy to make a second list and curate this as a community guide.


EDIT: WARNING: I tried this in a lab environment, and after rebuilding I was unable to authenticate to my server. I'm guessing this has to with missing 2FA plugin tables, but I did not verify this. Please do not try this at home without good backups!

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