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Webroot Plugin API Settings not showing and won't show new clients to sync

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Hi All,

Had a issue with the Webroot plugin not showing new clients in the Webroot portal to pair with Automate clients. If you clicked the refresh client list from api it hung and wouldn't do anything and then if you went into settings to try and check the API status and settings the page was blank like the screen grab attached. To resolve you have to do the following (Webroot Support advised of the fix and have had a few tickets regarding it).

1. Run the following SQL query in SQLYlog - DROP TABLE plugin_webroot3_api, plugin_webroot3_settings;

2. Open Plugin Manager and the ReloadDBAgent Plugins, Update Remote Agent Plugins and then Reload Control Centre Plugins

3. Close Automate and then launch Automate using run as administrator. Open the Webroot plugin and go to settings and you shold now be able to see the API settings to re-populate them and all should work fine after this.


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