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Small MSP looking for RMM and PSA

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So I am a 1 man MSP and I have a colleague that is also a 1 man MSP, we are going to be merging together and looking to grow our new MSP company further. Right now we both use Solarwinds RMM and neither one of us has a PSA system. As part of this process we are starting to evaluate all of our offerings we each have and the tools we use, the RMM being one of them. 

We started to look at Connectwise simply because they are the 800lb gorilla do everything/integrate with everything. Traditionally as I understand it connectwise does require a fair amount of management and maintenance. We would be using the cloud version and connectwise has a block of 12 hours included with each product for "setup and configuration"

While we like the idea of a "Master Tool for everything" and having all the capabilities we are worried about upkeep and maintaining the system and having it work when we need it. We need to concentrate on growing and expanding our client base and business and not maintaining our RMM, but yet we want something that will meet our needs and wont have too many shortcomings (realizing there are pluses and minuses to every product)

All that being said, what advice or comments can you give on the cloud version of Connectwise Automate and Connectwise manage for a small 2 man shop.

Thank You

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