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WCC2 now pops open CW Control page when doing remote access? [Automate v 2020.10]

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I recently installed the Automate v 2020.10 patch and all was well, until I started hearing reports of some of my clients unable to do remote access anymore, particularly from Macs.


It used to be that if a client clicks the REMOTE ACCESS button from their WCC2 login, ScreenConnect would soon launch and connect to their assigned endpoint. However since installing 2020.10 the behavior changed to opening a new browser tab going to our CW Control site and then launching ScreenConnect. This doesn't seem to work for folks working from Mac computers. (I don't have all the info yet, just learned about it.)


The other techs at work found this also occurs when clicking either the Control or Backstage buttons from the Automate web site.


Does anyone here have any info on this or how to change it back? Particularly how to fix functionality for Mac users?



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See https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Knowledge_base/Restrict_a_host_to_access_a_single_remote_machine

and https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Knowledge_base/Restrict_access_to_remote_machines_by_organization

Essentially, create a security role for the user, create a group that shows PCs the user can access, and add the marking to the PC.  We did it using the CWC login of the user.

Test of course but the user account should be able to log in and see only their PC.  2FA can be used via private email (unless they have access to company email at home) by adding "email:user@example.com" to the user's account in the OTP field.

Group (the commas are to allow multiple users per PC):



Role.  Ensure you select the group, and not the default top level AllSessionGroups.  This is where they only have access to view this one group.


on the PC in CWC:


Setting that field label:



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