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Full Network Redirect


LabTech Tunnels can do a full network redirect. This makes a local network adapter appear as if its on the remote computer. This allows you to do ANYTHING to the remote computer, including MMC and Netshare Browsing.


First You must Install the Network Adapter and Configure it. This means setting an IP address on both ends. You need to install the adapter on both the CC and Agent, and make sure the IP on both the CC and Agent is int he same IP Subnet.

Second You need to create a new Redirector definition, Copy the SOCKS proxy definition and change the Redirected Ports TYPE to FULL Network Redirect.


Ok once you have this setup, just run the redirector and you will be able to ping the IP address of the Remote Network Adapter. For example if the agent is and the CC is, then you can \\ to access the remote computer.



Instruction for setting up the NIC

Installing the adapter


wod0205.sys (system driver binaries)

wod0205.cat (driver catalog file)

OemWin2k.inf (driver installation file)

DrvInst.exe (driver installer)


Copy those files to destination system, and do the following:


to install adapter: DrvInst install OemWin2k.inf

to uninstall adapter: DrvInst uninstall


You will need administrative privileges on remote system to do so!






Setting up the adapter


When installed, you should set IP address and Netmask for the adapter (right-click on the adapter, select Properties) in the same range as the adapter of the remote peer. If you try to use adapter without setting the IP/Netmask combination (such as, if you leave it on DHCP) Tunnels will failed to work with it.


You can also use 3rd party tools to set IP/Netmask, or can use 'netsh.exe' that is provided with all Windows installations. You will need to call this tool as external process, typically in this form (make sure you have administrative privleges!):


interface ip set address name="WeOnlyDo" static


where 'WeOnlyDo' is name of the adapter - we set it to that name during installation. On some systems it may appear as 'Local Area Connection xyz', it's up to you to use correct name. '' is new local IP address, and '' is new netmask to be set.

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