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We use LabTech v60.262 with Ignite.


Our default Tray Menu includes the following options:


* Send Status

* Screen Capture

* Update Inventory

* Create Service Ticket

* Messages and Tickets


* System Information

* Help

* About

* Exit


This is all well, and good - except for the 5th option (Messages and Tickets). This allows the User to Create a Service Ticket, via LabTech. Since we have ConnectWise (v.2014.3) integrated, it will automatically pull the Ticket over. Also good.


The problem is - ConnectWise only communicates with LabTech in one direction RE: Service Tickets. That is, if a ticket is created/modified/etc in LabTech, it will then be so in Connectwise. If a ticket is created/modified/etc in ConnectWise, that will not reflect in LabTech (with the exception of already status changes, via Ignite).


So, if a User creates a ticket via the LabTech Tray Menu, a ticket will be created in LabTech - and then, ConnectWise. If they then open the Messages and Tickets from their Tray Menu, they will see a place where communication is supposed to be available between them and their ticket. This is only half-true. They can communicate to the ticket (which will also mirror into ConnectWise), but they will not see any notes entered into the ConnectWise ticket from any technicians that have/have not been working on their issue. This creates the illusion that no one is addressing their ticket.


We would like to remove this from the Tray Menu, as ConnectWise has already confirmed that there is no way to get ConnectWise to sync Ticket Notes back the other way.


That's the primary goal.


The secondary goal, would be to replace the option with a Chat. We noticed that, in the LabTech ticket generated by the Tray Menu, there is a 'Chat' button. Clicking this will automatically open the PC up from the Navigation Tree to the Welcome Tab, with the Chat open. It then has a 'Append to Ticket' button at the top-left corner of the Chat screen. This is super handy. So...two-part question:


1. Would it be possible to link to that function in the LabTech ticket from the mirrored ConnectWise ticket that is generated?

2. Could we add a 'Chat' feature to the Tray Menu so that clients can initiate a chat?


I realize #2 might be certifiably impossible, since the Chat links to their specific PC Info window, and - unless someone were to check that specific PC for a chat, at that specific time, it seems that it would be ignored. BUT...if there was a way to make the Chat pop up on a specific LabTech user's screen - that would be phenomenal.


tl;dr - we want to remove the 'Messages and Tickets' from the LabTech Tray Menu. Then, if possible, we'd like to add a 'Chat' feature to the LabTech Tray Menu.


Thanks in advance for any insight, help. Also, if there's a thread already open concerning Tray Menu customizing/editing...or if this is the wrong place for this thread, I apologize in advance.

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Well, that was easy, lol.


Thanks, MPriest - would've probably never looked there.


So, rather than worry about the chat, or adding a link to the ConnectWise portal in the Tray Menu, we've just decided to more effectively use the Ticketing Email function from the Dashboard. We can just add a link to the portal in the footer, which is actually preferred, as it will be the first communication with the client after a ticket is created.


Unfortunately, the Start Email box appears to have a character limit? That's a bit peculiar. And, it keeps inserting the submitted ticket's Email Contents and Subject under the 'Start' Email content, but above the 'Signature' Content.


Not sure how to keep it from doing that, there are no variables anywhere calling that information.

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Likewise, I'd like to remove Screen Capture if possible.

I can't see anything in the docs or online on how to do this - maybe it isn't possible.


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Long week? 😄

On the plus side, at least you agree with you.  Lord knows if I did that, I'd have probably started an argument with myself and then not even noticed for about 5-6 posts 🤦‍♂️

Are you using a Custom Menu for your tray? Or...if a Custom Menu provided the solution, would you then be interested in using a Custom Menu?  I can't find any built-in method of achieving that...but I didn't want to embark down the "Custom" path of testing if that's a deal-breaker.

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