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HP ILO Config Tool

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The HP Lights Out Management cards can be controlled, configured and monitored from the command line. The tool you need is usally in C:\Program Files\HP\hponcfg but does not need to be there. As long as you have the drivers installed and are logged in as administrator you will not need a password to configure the card, even set a the password. The username and password is only used when accessing the ILO card with the tool across the network.


HPONCFG.exe XMLConfigFile


Example XML - Get Help here



Older tool to set cofigurations across the network.

CPQLOCFG.exe -s servername -t Name=Value,Name=Value


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I have used this a while now and have a script to parse the ILO's output XML for its IP address, checks it isn't DHCP assigned, stamps it into an EDF then pings it. If it fails the ping, has a DHCP address or has no IP it sends an email (but could just as easily log a ticket). While it is reading the config the script writes our standard ILO user and password into the config just in case....


Not too taxing a script for most of you guys on here but if anyone wants it let me know and I'll upload it.



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