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Displaying a Custom tab based off a custom table

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I setup a custom table for something I am working on.




I want to display a Data List using a SQL Query off of this table.


When I log in as an admin user, I can see the Data List and it is populated. When I log in as a NOC User I see the tab but nothing it displayed in the Data List.



How do I get this to display for a NOC User? Do I need to set permissions somewhere?

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Im having the same issue with the 2 mailpassview and pst finder custom tabs, admins can see everything, techs can see the tab and the script commands but not the data list. The only thing I have determined so far is the correlation that they are all 3 data list tabs and all the rest that dont display this issue are html tabs. So long story short I think I am looking for an answer to the same question.

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We have the same issue, the least supported way to fix it was to update permissions on the table directly in mysql.


I wrote a permission manager plugin and used ipermission interface to grant permissions to custom tables, it isn't pretty but it works.

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