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ASK Variable replacement behavior

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Experimenting with the %ASK%%VARNAME%%Question To Ask?% replacement, I am finding that it will only ask me once for a particular variable.

My scenario is:

I have a data list of results in my tab which is on the Computer screen. I enabled the "Commands are Menus" option and made an option that asks for a value before executing some SQL. If I right click an item in the list and run the command I am prompted for input. If I click on a second item in the list (with a different %lid% value, each row has a unique value), right click and run the command it runs immediately with the same value from before.


Closing and re-opening the computer screen allows me to be prompted again. Is there a way that I can be prompted for a value EACH time I run the command, without leaving the screen?


I tried no variable name (%ASK%%%%Question Here%) and it prompted and accepted my input, but still remembered it the next time. I tried two commands referencing the same VARNAME, each command asked for input once and then remembered it. I also tried referring to %VARNAME% as a substituted value, but it just shows the string "%VARNAME%" (no replacement is performed). What is the purpose/utility of the VARNAME string if you cant refer to it again in some way?


I cant find any explanation for the %ASK% functionality, I just stumbled over it in the F2 replacement list. Any insights?





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